Tulip O’Hare

Priscilla-Jean Henrietta O'Hare, also known as Tulip, is one of the main protagonists in Preacher, the tv show narrating the story of a preacher enlists the help of a vampire to find God.

Check out the trailer to find out more:

Throughout the episodes, you may have noticed the cool pair of sunglasses that Tulip O'Hare, portrayed by Ruth Negga, wears, we love them too so we tracked down the exact model.
The sunglasses that Ruth Negga wears have brown lenses, a black frame and a gold clip-on. They also have a metallic logo on the temples, this makes the model unmistakable:

Tulip O'Hare Sunglasses

The sunglasses that Ruth Negga wears in her Tulip O'Hare role in Preacher are John Varvatos Essex sunglasses.

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2 thoughts on “Tulip O’Hare”

  1. Does anyone know the brand of spectacles Tulip O’Hare wears when she’s making the bazooka with the kids in Preacher season 1 pilot?

  2. I wonder if this is the black o brown horn one? The black one doesn’t seem to have those brown lenses but the brown horn does

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