Nine Ball is one the main crew members that Debbie Ocean recruited for Ocean's 8 heist. She is the genius hacker of the group and is portrayed by Rihanna.
The movie Ocean's 8 narrates the story of Danny Ocean's sister, Debbie who will attempt to pull off the robbery of the century at New York City's star-studded annual Met Gala.

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During the movie, you may have noticed the cool hexagonal pair of sunglasses that Rihanna, wears, we have a soft spot for them too so we identified the exact model.

The pair of sunglasses that Rihanna wears for her Nine Ball role in Ocean's 8 are octagonal sunglasses with a gold frame and blue gradient lenses.

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Nine Ball (Rihanna) Sunglasses

The glasses that Rihanna wears for her Nine Ball role in Ocean's 8 are Ray-Ban Octagonal Sunglasses with gold frame and prescription blue/grey gradient lenses.

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