Crowley is one of the main character in the Amazon Prime TV show Good Omens.
Crowley is a demon who has lived on Earth since the dawn of creation. Originally called "Crawly", he is the Serpent who tempted Eve with the apple from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
Him and the angel Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) seek to prevent the coming of the Antichrist and with it Armageddon, the final battle between Heaven and Hell.

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Throughout the Good Omens tv show, you may have noticed the cool sunglasses that David Tenant wears as Crowley the demon.

The first pair of sunglasses he is seen wearing are round dark grey sunglasses with meshed side frames.
The second pair of sunglasses Crowley wears in Good Omens have metallic temples and nose bridge but a light brown frame.

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Crowley sunglasses in Good Omens

crowley demon sunglasses in Good Omens

The grey round sunglasses that David Tennant wears for his Crowley role in Good Omens are:

  • Valentino VA2003

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Crowley brown sunglasses in Good Omens

Good Omens Crowley Brown Sunglasses

The light brown sunglasses that David Tennant wears for his Crowley role in Good Omens are:

  • Persol PO3166S

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  1. What glasses was he wearing in episode three, where him and Aziraphale were talking to during Shakespeare era.

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