The red lens glasses that Charlie Cox wears for his Matt Murdock aka Daredevil role are custom made for the Netflix show.

Stephanie Maslansky, the costume designer of the Daredevil series, said to "His sunglasses are a prop. I worked very closely with our amazing prop master Michael Jortner. The glasses were Matt Murdock’s most important accessory and it had to be correct for this current, modern date and it also had to pay homage to what was familiar to fans throughout. I think that Matt tried on... I want to say close to 100 pairs of glasses to figure out which one should work. People had a lot to say about them, including Charlie."

That's right, you can't just get those glasses that easily, however, we still managed to find 3 pair of sunglasses that can meet your needs:

Replica Sunglasses


Since many fans have shown great interest in the red Matt Murdock glasses, a close to perfect replica has been made by Magnoli Clothiers.

Cheap Look-a-like

If you are looking for a very cheap alternative for a one-time cosplay the best is to buy lennon style sunglasses with red lenses.

Everyday Wear


If you are looking for a pair you can wear everyday, of high quality and are willing to invest a little bit, we recommend these round 3447 Raybans (available with red lenses).

Daredevil Season 3 Matt Murdock Sunglasses

In season 3, Charlie Cox also wears another pair of sunglasses for his Matt Murdock role.
They are easily identifiable thanks to the iconic arrow on the temples.

They are Persol PO3152S in black frame and black lenses.

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