Are you wondering what glasses Hernando, Lito Rodriguez's gay boyfriend in Sense8, wears ?
Glasses Radar got you covered, as we take pride in identifying the best glasses featured on-screen ! And the different pairs that Alfonso Herrera wears in Sense 8 in his Hernando role caught our attention !

Sense8 narrates the story of a random group of people around the world that are suddenly linked mentally and emotionally. Hernando (Alfonso Herrera) is the very stylish boyfriend of one of these people (Lito Rodriguez).

Check out the trailer to find out more about the show:

Throughout the episodes and seasons, you may have noticed the different glasses that Alfonso Herrera wears, and that actually means you have pretty good taste since both him and Lito have a great sense of style.

Alfonso Herrera wears 2 main pair of glasses for his Hernando role in Sense8.
The pair in Season 1 are unbranded brown tortoise round prescription glasses.
The glasses he wears in Season 2 are also round but darker, with a color gradient.

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Hernando Season 1 Glasses

These ones have not been completely identified yet but these reading glasses are a cheap and close match.

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Hernando Season 2 Glasses

Ray-Ban RX2180V - Gray Horn frame

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