Ludovica Storti is one of the main characters in the Netflix italian TV show Baby.
Ludovica Storti, portrayed by Alice Pagani is a teenager that turns to partying after a rough year. Then, when she becomes friends with the owner of a night club, Saverio she's persuaded into trying prostitution.

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Throughout the Baby tv show, you may have noticed the cool luxurious sunglasses that Alice Pagani wears as Ludovica Storti, or just "Ludo".

The pair of sunglasses she wears are a type of cat eye sunglasses with a black frame and white branding on the temples.

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Ludovica Storti sunglasses in Baby

Ludovica Storti Black Sunglasses in Baby

The black cat eye sunglasses that Alice Pagani wears for her Ludovica Storti role in Baby are:

  • Saint Laurent Lily SL213

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