Glasses Radar takes pride in detecting the best sunglasses featured on-screen, and the different pairs that Zac Efron wears in Baywatch caught our attention !  Baywatch narrates the story of lifeguards on a beach of California.
The movie is adapted from the 90s TV show and was turned into a comedy.

Matt Brody (Zac Efron) is one of the main characters, and is a chick magnet, why, you ask ? Definitely the sunglasses.

Check out the trailer to find out more about the movie:

Throughout the movie, you may have noticed the different sunglasses that Zac Efron wears, and that actually means you have pretty good taste...

Zac Efron wears 3 different pair of sunglasses for his Matt Brody role in Baywatch.
The pair he wears the most have a gold frame and black lenses, they have rectangular lenses and you might think they are Ray-Ban Caravans, but you would be wrong !
The more casual and street-style pair he wears have a transparent frame and mirror blue/green lenses.
Finally, the sunglasses Zac Efron wears in the training scene are brown and yellow with a teardrop lens shape. He also happens to regularly wear them off screen too.

We've identified the exact model for all of them so scroll down to learn more about it

Matt Brody Sunglasses

Randolph Aviator, 23K Gold frame, AGX Lenses.

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Matt Brody Casual Sunglasses

Ray-Ban RB4211 Aviator Light Rays, Transparent frame, Blue/Green lenses.

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Matt Brody Competition Sunglasses

Persol's PO9649S Sunglasses, Ebano e Oro Frame, light brown lenses.

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If you want to identify the whole Matt Brody outfit, like his legendary US flag swimtrunks, check out this cosplay guide.

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