Glasses Radar takes pride in detecting the best sunglasses featured on-screen, and the different pairs that Brad Pitt wears in Allied caught our attention. Allied is set in 1942 and narrates the relationship between an intelligence officer and a female French Resistance fighter.

Max Vatan, portrayed by Brad Pitt, is the intelligence officer, and like, Marion Cotillard, has been dressed with taste for the movie by costume designer Joanna Johnston.

Check out the trailer to find out more about the movie:

Throughout the movie, you may have noticed the different sunglasses that Brad Pitt wears, whichever caught your attention, it is listed here.

Brad Pitt wears 2 different pair of sunglasses for his Max Vatan role in Allied.
The pair he wears in Europe are semi-rimmed and have rectangular lenses.
The pair he wears in North Africa are black metal sunglasses with wire temples and brown lenses.
We did our best to identify the exact model for them so scroll down to learn more about it

Max Vatan City Sunglasses

Close match: Ray-Ban Olympian, Gold frame, G-15XLT Lenses.

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Max Vatan Sherpa Sunglasses

Exact Match

The sherpa sunglasses that Brad Pitt wears in Allied have been confirmed as Tom Davies,
and are the model number 53158 with brown lenses.

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Close Match

The Julbo Vermont Sunglasses are a close match with their metal frame and Spectron 4 lenses.

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