Ptonomy Wallace is the black memory reading mutant in Legion, a Marvel tv show narrating the story of David Haller, the mutant son of Charles Xavier, who discovers there is much more to him than mental illness.

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The TV show is written by Noah Hawley, also known for the great Fargo TV Series.

Throughout the episodes, you may have noticed the nice black sunglasses that Ptonomy Wallace, the black mutant portrayed by Jeremie Harris, wears, we love them too so we tracked down the exact model.

The glasses that Jeremie Harris wears for his Ptonomy Wallace role in Legion 's fourth episode of season 1 are shiny semi-rimmed black sunglasses with rectangular lenses and golden accents.

Easily recognizable thanks to the signature "T" on the frame and temples, you can scroll down to learn more about the exact model.

Ptonomy Wallace Sunglasses

The sunglasses that Jeremie Harris wears in his Ptonomy Wallace role in Legion are Tom Ford River sunglasses with shiny black frame and smoke lenses.

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