Glasses Radar is always on the look-out for cool sunglasses, and the ones that Jamie Foxx wears in Sleepless are just that ! Sleepless tells the story of dirty cop Vincent Downs that got his son kidnapped.

The action-packed movie is directed by Baran Bo Odar and is a remake of the french movie "Nuit Blanche" released in 2011.

Check out the trailer to find out more:

Throughout the movie, you may have noticed the nice gold sunglasses that Jamie Foxx wears, we love them too so we tracked down the exact model and a few alternatives.

The glasses that Jamie Foxx wears for his Vincent Downs role in Sleepless have a gold frame with top bar and gray rectangular lenses.
They are Randolph Intruder sunglasses.

Reference: Randolph Intruder, 23K Gold plated frame, Gray lenses.

Exact Match


Randolph Engineering Intruder Sunglasses

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Cheap Look-a-like


If you are looking for a cheap alternative for a one-time bad-boy adventure, these chinese replica glasses are a close match.

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Quality Alternative


If you find the Randolph sunglasses to be too expensive, the Ray Ban Caravans are a quality pair at a more affordable price, and they are extremely similar.

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